Hot Shot Driver

Hot Shot Driver: What It Takes To Drive for Hotshot

When you’re getting into trucking, it pays to find the right employer. The trucking industry typically pays by mile, while some companies pay hourly. At West Texas Hotshot, we only hire the best hot shot drivers. When we meet, we can talk about what we expect as well as what you can expect from us. Find out your starting pay rate, the types of miles you’ll travel and how often you’ll be at home. Depending on your situation, we may have the perfect routes for you, so that you can get home as often as you need to. Safety is our number one concern, so we do require our truck drivers to have a safe background and to be able to handle commercial vehicles legally. The right training keeps our drivers, and other road users, safe. If this sounds like the right job for you, call us today at (432) 266-3335 to learn more about the Hot Shot driver opportunities in Texas.